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I was in the uptown Dallas location on Tuesday evening. I did not get the name of the guy that helped me, but he was the only one there. He was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. He talked to me about what gains I wanted and explained why what I normally take was hurting those gains...and he was not pushy on buying the biggest container and suggested I just try it first. He even gave me a sample of some other products he recommends. I normally go to Vitamin Shoppe, but you guys have my business now. Thank you for a great experience!

                   - Jason Straub
                     NUTRISHOP Dallas, TX Customer


Whether you realize it or not, you changed my life the day I walked into your shop! As of today, I am down 16 lbs, work out daily with Ryan, have a much better feeling about myself & I feel GREAT! At almost 42 yrs old, I wanted to be in better shape, keep up with my 5 year old & most of all, have the ability to lower my cholesterol levels WITHOUT the prescribed meds. I just returned from my Doctor visit and he says I have the blood pressure of a teenager (100/70) but better than that, my total cholesterol went from 235 to 189 & bad cholesterol went from 142 to 108 which he said is phenomenal! …And all without meds!!!! He said, whatever you are doing, keep it up! Also, my relationship is so much better now with Ryan's support. I wanted you to know I appreciate the support and help you have given me. You may not have known all of this, but you have made a huge impact on my health & well being & I thank you for that!

To anyone reading this, a few of my favorite supplements I am taking are: DETOX-LGC by NU-TEK, LIPOCOR by Katalyst and Instantized BCAA Sport by FORZA ONE.

                   - Julie Rossi
                     NUTRISHOP Warrington, PA Customer


Dear Nutrishop,

I wanted to talk to you about the product I purchased from Nutrishop Corona called N’Fuze. Dude, this stuff is amazing! Check this out. I started lifting in December but had to quit in February due to hurting my back again. I just started up again in June, taking it slowly. Not getting into heaver weight until mid-July. At that point, mid July, I started taking this stuff for the first time as prescribed, 3 before a workout and 3 after and three in the mornings of the off days. I have only been focusing a handful of selected lifts, and none of them standing, so I don’t injure my back again.

Let me give you my bench results as an example of my progress. On July 14th I could only do 205X6 on my first heavy set. Today I did 235X5 on my 5th heavy set and doing 205, 215 and 225 all more than eight times. Basically, I have improved 20 lbs in about 17 days. I have never seen progress like this before, and I am almost 52. To boot, I am not even taking any protein power/supplements, etc., only N’FUZE. This is amazing progress for me. Have you heard of similar results? I checked the internet, and it seems this stuff gets the same results all over.

                   - Michael Wright
                      NUTRISHOP Corona, CA customer

"I have tried many different thermogenic based fat-loss supplements over the years and the majority of them never quite lived up to their hype. Phenadren was recommended to me by a friend who loved it! She gave me a sample, and I was surprised by how much I liked it. I really felt the thermogenic effect as well as very smooth energy levels that sustained me all day long with no crash! The best part is I was able to get my work done and make it through the day without my usual cravings or getting jittery!" Phenadren is the best!!!

                   - Nadia
NUTRISHOP Norco, CA Customer

I took your advice and tried the ARABOL and stacked it with the Kre-Alkalyn Complex. I finally feel like I'm back on an old school program putting on lean muscle mass fast! Being a little older than your average customer, I need to be careful what I take. Both of these products are working great for me, and I feel fantastic! Thanks so much for the help and I'm sure I'll see you soon!

                   - James Jacobs
                     NUTRISHOP Evans, GA Customer