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When you work with Nutrishop, you’re working with a company that cares

Now availible! InBody Composition testing.

Why is it important to know body composition versus just your body weight? Body weight is the weight of the total body and while important to be aware of, does not alone provide a complete physical fitness picture. Because muscle weighs more than fat, the same two clients with the same body weight can have completely different body compositions due to the amount of fat and muscle mass they each possess. Therefore, one client who weighs 145 pounds may be maintaining a healthy body fat percentage, while the other may not. Because there are a plethora of health risks associated with unhealthy levels of body fat (i.e. heart disease, hypertension, and diabetes, etc.), having a health and fitness professional measure your body composition regularly will enable you to more effectively and efficiently achieve and maintain healthy levels of lean and fat mass.

Measurement Parameters - Total Body Water, Protein, Mineral, Body Fat Mass, Skeletal Muscle Mass BMI, Percentage Body Fat, Waist Hip Ratio Segmental Fat Mass, Segmental Muscle Mass Weight Control, BMR Nutritional Evaluation Fitness Score, Exercise Planner

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  • Personalized attention

    We work with some of the top professionals in the industry and are 100 percent dedicated to helping you reach and exceed your health and fitness goals.

  • The right supplements to help you achieve a killer new body

    Don't waste the hard work you're putting into your body by using the wrong supplements. Work with our trained professionals who will advise you on what you should and shouldn't be using.

  • The certified, professional knowledge and the best brand-name products

    At Nutrishop, we have exclusive privileges with several elite fitness supplement companies who only sell their products to us. We have been hand selected from hundreds of other companies, so you know that you have not only the best products, but the best people as well.

About Us

Part of what sets us apart from the rest are the dedicated professionals we have on our team at Nutrishop. You won't find the same level of personalized expertise and customer services at your disposal anywhere in California.

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We Can Help You With

  • Nutritional consultation
  • Personal training
  • Physical therapy
  • Sports training
  • Weight loss
  • Workout plans

Why Nutrishop Shines Above The Rest

Lots of companies try and sell you their “miracle pills and powders” that will turn you into an Adonis overnight. Don’t be fooled. The only way to transform your body into the healthy, lean, muscular physique you’ve always wanted is through hard work and trust in certified professionals. At Nutrishop in Vacaville, CA, we are those professionals.

Our team of fitness experts are all certified nutritionists and personal trainers. They are dedicated to your unique and total transformation; offering the guidance, insights, and performance-enhancing supplements you need to reach your fitness goals.

Meet the Team

When you work with Nutrishop, you’re working with a company that cares. Not only do we work with your custom training and weight loss needs, we sponsor numerous events and organizations within our own community to promote health and fitness.

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Success Stories

Building trust is like building a strong, healthy body. It takes trust, hard work, and proven methods to get the job done. See why Nutrishop is Vacaville’s number-one supplement retailer by reading up on our customer testimonials.

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Nutrishop has the supplements you want from the names that you trust. Sports training, weight loss, whatever your unique fitness goals – our experts can offer you the best products on the market at the guaranteed lowest prices.

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Client Testimonials

I took your advice and tried the ARABOL and stacked it with the Kre-Alkalyn Complex. I finally feel like I'm back on an old school program putting on lean muscle mass fast! Being a little older than your average customer, I need to be careful what I take. Both of these products are working great for me, and I feel fantastic! Thanks so much for the help and I'm sure I'll see you soon!

James Jacobs
NUTRISHOP Evans, GA Customer

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