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In 2011, Nutrishop opened in Vacaville to support the community in health and wellness. This approach has played a vital role in our continual growth over the years and continues to fuel our rapid growth today. As of 2018, 7 years later, our customer base continues to grow by staying true to our original “customer first” mindset. 


We continue to offer health-minded consumers all of the top brands and the latest nutritional supplements at the guaranteed lowest prices.

All of the Nutrishop Vacaville staff are sports nutrition certified and specialize in complete programs for general health, weight loss as well as overall fitness and wellness. We will assist each individual with their fitness goals and will be available for each step of the journey. Listed below are just a few of the advantages.


• Facilitation of exclusive transformation challenges for your entire staff.

• FREE custom meal plans, nutritional advice, and ongoing personalized support.

• FREE body composition analysis testing.

• Expert guidance and direction not only for employees but their families as well.

• Periodic special offers and discounts for staff and family members.

• Less sick days due to leading a healthier lifestyle.

• Improved and increased employee morale.

• The ensured success of personal fitness goals.

• Continual access to the Nutrishop Vacaville staff for guidance and support.

• Official 2-week check-ins that track your success.

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